It’s always exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measures to get commissions. Here’s an example of some recent work – four unique small (10cm) dishes and, in a follow-up order, two noodle bowls to match.

Of course a key part is working out what your client wanted and how to achieve it. However the nerve-wracking part is balancing the variability of the glazing effects and yet controlling enough elements to keep a matching set. Artistically speaking, how far can one explore a theme without loosing the theme? Then there are the unknowns introduced by the kiln gods on firing day and the long wait for it to cool so you can finally see the results.

Another nail-biting moment is presenting the work to the client and hoping they’ll like it. A repeat order means you must have done something right, but even then you go through the same emotions.

I’m more than happy to take commissions, do contact me and discuss your ideas.