About Me

I originally started pottery at Furness College in 1993 though I’ve had some long breaks when other commitments kept me away from clay. A discussion with Fran Tristram at PotFest back in 1996 triggered my interest in single firing and her book is still a standard reference of mine today.

More recently I have taken several summer schools with Douglas Phillips, a potter in the Leach tradition who has worked with Mick Casson and Michael Cardew in Cornwall and also in France, Japan and Malawi. He has given me a new perspective on pottery and reinforced my skills with many hints and tips. In particular his courses have helped me incorporate traditional ideas about process, form and function in to my work and given me a chance to experiment with wood-firing.

In 2015 I decided it was time to set up my own studio and concentrate on developing my style and exploring where I can push the techniques I’ve learned.

Artistically I am influenced by the ever changing relationship between landform, water, clouds and light in wild places. My ceramic surfaces try to capture the interplay between these elemental forces, sometimes calm and sheltering, sometimes abrupt and dramatic, but always steering the eye to sudden glimpses of unexpected light, shadow and texture.